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Carl Walther 

Email contact  use    alans_airrifles@btconnect.com

We have been trading for 24 years, serving the Air Gunners of the UK.

We only sell official imported guns that come with full UK importer or manufacturer warranty.

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All prices quoted do not include scopes or any extras unless stated .All prices are correct but are subject to price increases if supply charges increase.

Please note you will need to supply us with ID to buy any airgun.

All prices are subject to change without notice, due to price and currency exchange rates we  will check the price and availability on request

We do our best to offer competitive prices and you will receive a quality service.

New prices updated from 1st April 2017


Carl Walther guns are made in Germany this premier gun maker is renowned for making the best quality weapons and barrels.

Carl Walther has entered a new epoch with new designs of top quality air rifles.

With new models of spring powered and PCP air powered rifles and full range of target rifles and pistols.

Walther Target Match Pistols and Rifles available to special order see bottom of page for models available.

New model Walther Rotex R8 PCP 8 shot magazine .177 and .22 cal

Upto 180 full power shots in .22 cal per 232 bar charge, threaded for silencer fitment.

= 439.00 in stock

Scope is extra.

Please note this safety note

 "Only Fill The R8 using the Filler Adaptor Only, Do not unscrew the Bottle from the rifle"

Spare magazine = 25.00 each


New model Walther Century Varmint

=339.00 base rifle  in stock

scope is extra


Walther LGV Master Pro

Top of the range spring powered air rifle

= 450.00

Available in .177 or .22 cal with a choice of metal or plastic trigger blade,

Scope not included

New model Walther LGU available in .177 or .22 cal

The same LGV Technology very quiet action and very accurate with Walther's top quality

match grade barrel fitted. = 435.00 in stock now

Walther have the quietest action in the world, just fit a quality 1/2 " unf silencer and listen to the difference.

Silencer Adaptor 29.99 in stock.

Something Very Special Limited Edition from Carl Walther

Centuary GT Cerakoted 0.177 cal

Cerakote Finished Walther have arrived.

Kit includes Nikko 3x9-50 1/2 Mil Dot AO scope and mounts.

Lined Black Bag with pockets and pellets.

= 530.00

Special Offer Price = 499.00 Last one

New Model  Walther Century GT  in stock in .177 and .22 cal

As good as the Walther LGV with ABS Black stock Combo Kit

includes Nikko 3x9x40 PA half mil dot scope mounts and black lined gun bag and pellets,

Combo Kit  from = 390.00




Walther Rotax RM8 Varmint available in .177 & .22 cal

 = 399.00 base rifle only

scope is extra

When fitted with a quality silencer it can match any pre charged rifle for sound suppression.

Ask for demo on how quiet this rifle is , you will be amazed.

Top quality silencer to fit all Walther's =50.00 extra, face to face sales with ID only.

Walther LGV  Challenger Synthetic Stock  best value LGV

Our new low price 365.00

.177 and .22 cal model

The LGV range of Carl Walther air rifles are amazingly consistent and very quiet and free from vibration which increase accuracy. All models of LGV are threaded to fit a quality silencer and with a silencer fitted it is as quiet as any PCP rifle. Come  and see them we will demonstrate this amazingly quiet rifle.

Top quality silencer to fit all LGV =50.00 extra, face to face sales with ID only.

Walther have the quietest action in the world, just fit a quality 1/2 " unf silencer and listen to the difference.


New Walther Range of LGV rifles now available

It is our opinion this is the best spring powered air rifles ever made.

LG400 Alutec Competition right M grip

Price and availability on request

=  Special Order Only

LG400 Anotomic Expert right M grip

Price and availability on request

=  Special Order Only

LG Alutec Senior right M grip

Price and availability on request

=  Special Order Only




Match Target Pistols by

Hammerli AP20 Match Air Pistol

made by Carl Walther Gmbh in Germany

Offers excellent value and top quality unique you can have the air cylinder vertical or horizontally weight only 900g the list of accessories is endless which includes slim line aluminium  200 bar air cylinder walnut grips, barrel bar and weights etc etc.

From  = 815.00

as above with Universal grips and six different coloured barrel sleeves with each pistol.

Extras below such as Walnut Grips and Air Cylinders

Walnut Grip available = 205.00

Compact Slim line Pressure Cylinder with Gauge silver blue or red = 210.00

Compact Aluminium Cylinder with Gauge = 210.00



Walther Master Manufaktur LP400 Target Pistol 0.177 cal

Price and availability on request

=  Special Order Only



Walther LP400 Carbon   =  Price and availability on request

Match Target Pistol 0.177 cal

=  Special Order Only



Walther LP400 Alu Right hd 5 D Grip

 Price and availability on request

 Special Order Only



Walther Alu LP 400 with memory 3D grip Match Target Pistol

Price and availability on request

 Special Order Only

 Gun  charging equipment

PCP Gun Charging kit 300bar

 Complete with hose and gauge, boot, Carry Handle and full of air ready to go.

 Callers only.

 4Ltr = 235.00  in stock.


A full range of Walther Rifle and Pistol accessories is available to special order .

If you are unable to find the item you are looking for on our site please call us, we may have it in stock but not on the web.


Telephone Alan or Jay on Rotherham 01709 702454

email  alan@alansairrifles.co.uk

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