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We are retiring after 25 years in the Gun Trade Its Time For Us to Retire.

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Air Rifles and Pistols Silencers scopes, bags pellets etc etc.

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Also Spare Parts for Air Arms , BSA, Falcon, Webley, BSA , FX ,Weirauch and Diana, Gamo, Crosman and Sheridan Spares , Umarex

We would like to thank all our customer's for your support.


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We have been trading for 24 years, serving the Air Gunners of the UK.

We only sell official imported guns that come with full UK importer or manufacturer warranty.

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Please note you will need to supply us with ID to buy any airgun.


All prices are subject to change without notice,

Due to price increases  and currency exchange rates .New prices effective from October 2016

  Our Co2 Capsules are from Umarex , Crosman and ASG they  have oil inside to lubricate your pistol valve , using sub standard Co2 capsules may invalidate your guarantee.

Crosman also make Gas Ram Powered rifles and a pistol with Nitrogen Powered Gas Ram.

All prices listed are for gun only unless stated.

Combo deals are available on all Crosman rifles ask for details.



Cowboy 1875 0.177 cal pellet and steel BB

= £179.99 in stock

Crosman Snubb Nose 357 Revolver 0.177 cal pellet  or Steel BB

comes with 6 spare shells for lead pellets.


Crosman Armarda 0.22 cal PCP Ten shot magazine includes Scope and Bipod

Shrouded barrel, bolt can be changed for left handed shooter.

Available soon

= £1175.00

To Special Order Only

Crosman 2250XL New model in the Rat Catcher Range .22 cal only

This new Ratcatcher 2250XL is the ideal tool for vermin control in your garden with a quality silencer fitted it is so quiet and dispatches your vermin with pin point accuracy.

This new model has a new 18 ins long barrel giving greater power

and a threaded adaptor to fit a silencer.

Also has a steel breech for better scope fitment,

Comes with a Free Crosman Scope and mounts for a introductory offer on this brand new model.

Gun and Free Crosman Scope  = £225.00 in stock

   Quality Silencer available if required as extra.

We  stock genuine Crosman 24 ins replacement barrels to fit the Rat Catcher range which

improves the available power to Rabbit Stopper power.

spare 24ins barrel = £45.00

Callers only for all gun and barrels with ID

New Model in Black

  Crosman 1377American Classic  Variable Pump Air pistol

= £105.00 in stock

 available in .177  cal only

Shoulder stock available to fit 1377= £40.00 in stock.

Scope or red dot barrel mounting pro blocks = £17.99 set



 1377 , 1322 , 2240 2250 Fit Shoulder Stock Genuine Crosman Part = £40.00 in stock


Model 2240  Ratbuster Co2 pistol .22 cal only

Powerful ideal vermin or target shooting  single shot, ultimate Rat Buster

 Our top selling single shot Co2 pistol only  = £105.00 in stock

Extras available for the 2240

Scope or red dot barrel mounting pro blocks = £19.99 set

 New model Crosman 357 Vigilante ten shot Co2 .177 cal

= £90.00

Also in stock pack of three the spare magazines= £10.99

Crosman Laser to fit above £32.99 in stock





New Competition Target PCP Rifle the Challenger with sights

With its German-made Lothar Walther™

= £999.00

To Special Order Only model CH2009S

New Target Pistol PCP Crosman Silhouette model number 1701P  .177 cal only.

With its German-made Lothar Walther™

Rear sight not included.

= £575.00

To Special Order Only.

New Model MSR77np .177 cal Nitro Piston Gas Ram Powered.

This is a cool looking Air Rifle and Full Power. 

Only available in full power  12Ft Lbs .177 cal Long Range Rifle.

Break Action Cocking. False magazine detaches to hold spare pellets.

 Include 4x32 Crosman scope free.

= £280.00 boxed 

Combo kit complete with black lined bag and 500 Crosman pellets = £310.00

Ideal tool for despatching pigeons or long range rabbits.

New Model the worlds first Nitro Piston Pistol

Benjamin Trail NP pistol .177 cal includes cocking aid.

= £129.00 

Crosman Marlin Cowboy junior .177 cal steel bb ideal back garden plinker.

Can hold up to 700 .177 cal steel BBs in magazine tube.

= £59.99  Now Back in stock


New model Benjamin Marauder .177 or .22 cal  PCP Powered ten shot magazine

Synthetic Adjustable stock model

= £849.00 to special order only




2300T Target pistol .177 cal only

10.1 inch match barrel with 12 lands and grooves


special order only


New 2300S Competition Co2 pistol

Fitted with Walther match barrel, steel bolt, adjustable trigger, Williams notch sight.

10.1 inch Lothar-Walther choked match barrel with 12 lands and grooves

= £420.00

special order only

Crosman fit silener adaptor for 1/2 ins UNF threaded silencer fitment. = £15.00 in stock

Replacement Genuine Crosman Part  Main Valve = £33.00

 Steel  Conversion Kit complete to do away with pro blocks, kit grooved  to take scope

 mounts.= £59.99 (same as 2230 model pictured above )



Black plastic shoulder stock = £40.00 (in stock)

 Rabbit Stopper Upgrade Barrel 24 ins .22cal only l to fit Ratcatcher = £45.00 in stock callers with ID only. Genuine Original Crosman Part

Pro block to fit scope or laser = £17.50


Crosman 2250 Ratcatcher Original model

up to 550 ft per sec .22 cal only =  £159.00

New replacement main Valves in stock = £35.00 each in stock

 Rabbit Stopper barrel to fit Ratcatcher = £45.00 in stock callers with ID only.


Crosman fit silener adaptor for 1/2 ins UNF threaded silencer fitment. = £15.00 in stock


 Steel  Conversion Kit complete to do away with pro blocks, kit grooved  to take scope. mounts.

 Kit = £59.99

 (fits 2250 B Ratcatcher  and 2240 Ratbuster pistols. )

We stock spares for Rabbit Stopper and Ratcatcher .

Crosman Rabbit Stopper / Ratcatcher / Ratbuster Genuine Replacement Main Valve = £35.00

Scope or red dot barrel mounting pro blocks = £19.99 set.




Outdoorsman 2250XE .22 cal only  ( Discontinued )

Based on the 2250 Co2 powered with hand crafted beech stock and new muzzle break complete with 3x9x32 centre point scope and mounts. A must have for the serious Air Gunner and collector.

                              = Sorry Sold Out.




Model 2260 Rabbit Stopper Co2 .22 cal 


New replacement main Valves  = £35.00 each in stock


Block Conversion Kit complete to do away with pro blocks, kit grooved  to take scope mounts.= £59.99

pro block mounting rail set  = £19.99

Special Silencer = £42.00  

Co2 Capsules £1.00 each or 12x for=  £10.00


Model 1077 Co2 12  shot .177 cal pellet =  £115.00 ABS Stock

Wood Stock model = £169.00

 ( to special order only )





Pumpmaster 760

(also available in pink girlie coloured stock)

.177 cal pellet with magazine for 5 shots or you can load up with 200 steel .177 cal BBs

power adjustable for low powered target shooting  or power up to 625 ft per sec

only = £89.99 special order only


Gun filling charging equipment

PCP Gun Charging kit 300bar

 Complete with hose and gauge, boot, Carry Handle and full of air ready to go.

 Callers only.

 4Ltr = £230.00  in stock.

All prices quoted do not include scopes or any extras unless stated .


If you are unable to find the item you are looking for on our site please call us, we may have it in stock but not on the web.

Telephone Alan or Jay on Rotherham 01709 702454


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