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We have been trading for 24 years, serving the Air Gunners of the UK.

We only sell official imported guns that come with full UK importer or manufacturer warranty.

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Gun filling charging equipment

Nikko Stirling PanaMax AO IR 4-12 X 50  Glass Etched Half Mil Dot Reticles

Super Wide Angle and Top Quality Optic

includes free double screw high mounts set

= 196.00 in stock

Come and see this new scope you will be impressed.

Rated for Air Guns and Live Rounds Rifles

Nikko Sterling Scope Stockist

We have a good range of scopes always in stock.

We also stock a limited supply of Hawke Scopes.


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PCP Gun Charging kit 300bar

 Complete with hose and gauge, boot, Carry Handle carry handle  not shown.

 full of air ready to go.

 Callers only.

Sizes available 4Ltr = 235.00  in stock.


Kral Stainless Three Stage PCP Power Pump.

Includes Oil Filled Air Guage, Anti Kink Hose with QD Hose Lock , Air Filter and Service Kit.

= 179.00




Umarex Trigger Lock includes two keys fits most pistols and rifles.

= 9.99

Keep your guns safe and sound away from children.


 Tilt 6-9" Pro Bipod fits onto swivel stud.

=  69.99 in stock

PAO Pistol Scope 2x20 = 49.99 inc mounts


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Telephone Alan or Jay on Rotherham 01709 702454